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Thank you for your interest in our charity!


Our Portsmouth based charity was established in 2004 in the memory of 15 year old Tom Prince. The aim of the trust is to raise funds for research into the child and teenage bone cancer Osteosarcoma. This family run charity has received great support from friends and the local community. We are continuously fundraising at a local level but also need to expand to a wider audience to increase awareness and support for this rare cancer.


We are so incredibly pleased to say that we reached our fundraising target of £1million in 2016! We may have achieved our target but we are continuing to fundraise as the people of Portsmouth continue to support us, and because we feel so passionately about the cause and want to help other families. We are also currently researching the best option for where and how to donate the money - with some exciting options in front of us!


We hope that by visiting this site and seeing what we are all about, you are inspired to get involved! Thank you.

Blue Day 2017 - BEAUTS! PDF Print E-mail

 Blue Day 2017 banner image

Blue Day 2017 hit the city on Friday 5th May!

It was the 11th Blue Day and the sun was shining as the people of Portsmouth celebrated! A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who took part!


Hundreds of school kids dug out their blue clothes, and it was a sea of blue wigs and facepaints in shops and offices around the city.


Click here for more news! Did you take part? Follow this link for details on how to pay in the funds you raised.

 Blue Day 2017 - school photo