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Abseil from the Spinnaker TowerOn Saturday 2 August 2014 - 45 adrenaline junkies threw themselves off of the Spinnaker Tower to raise funds for us!


The weather misbehaved in the morning - so the morning abseilers get extra adrenaline points for going down the Tower amidst rain and heavy winds!


The winds were so strong at one point that they had to postpone the next round of abseiling until it calmed down - gulp! Thankfully the wind dropped, the sun came out and it was all back on.


There was a great buzz all day and whilst some folk did look nervous before they did it - they all had massive grins afterwards! Speaking to the abseilers after, many found it quite emotional and were all very pleased that they had done it!


Trustee, Clinton Prince, took the plunge and loved it! He went up in a group with his best friend and took in the views just as the sun started to come out.


It was great to cheer friends and family on as their took their turn, but it was also fantastic to see lots of new faces. As well as local folk, people came from Dover, London, Reading and Eastbourne to take part. It is great to know that as well as raising funds, the fundraiser helped to introduce the Trust to new people.


The abseilers went up in groups and the event ran from 08:00 - 18:00. Everyone brought friends and family with them, and there were lots of spectators watching the action; there was always a crowd cheering the brave individuals on as they abseiled down the local icon.


Some folk went down at speed, whilst others took a moment out to take in the amazing views of the city. Those that were brave enough to wave or turn around to face the crowd got an extra big cheer!


Most people took the opportunity to abseil in our bright orange Trust t-shirts and we felt very proud that they did so.


The Trust really enjoyed watching all the action and is so grateful to everyone that took part. We would like to thank all those that donned their hard hats and climbed out onto the ledge. We also want to thank those that dug deep and sponsored them!


The aim was for everyone to raise £200 sponsorship and we know that lots of people went over and above with their fundraising - so we are hoping to raise around £10,000 through the event. For those of you that have sponsorship money to collect - please do so ASAP so that we can let everyone know the final total raised. Please contact the Trust on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or tel: 02392 780 741 to arrange handing the sponsor forms and funds in.


A massive thank you also to the Spinnaker Tower and their abseiling team. This popular activity usually cost £85 per person, but the Tower offered it for just £25 as the TPCT is the Tower's nominated local charity. The abseil is the latest in a series of fab fundraisers they have put on for us.


You can still make a last minute donation to the event. Click here to donate to Clinton Prince's JustGiving page.


Click here to see LOADS of photos from the day on the Trust Facebook page.