Welcome to the Tom Prince Cancer Trust website
Thank you for your interest; we hope you find the site useful and informative.


The trust was established in 2004 and was set up in the memory of Tom Prince. The aim of the trust is to raise funds for research into the teenage bone cancer Osteosarcoma. This family run charity has received great support from friends and the local community. We are continuously fundraising at a local level but also need to expand to a wider audience to increase awareness and support.


We hope that by visiting this site and seeing what we are all about, you are inspired to get involved and help us to reach our goal! Thank you.


It’s Music Night!

offbeat offensiveCome on down to the Rifle Club on Friday 7 November 2014 for a night of live music and fundraising! Fresh from playing the mega Victorious Festival, Andy Muscat and Off Beat Offensive will be filling up the stage with some loud and lively tunes. Tickets are £10. Click here for details. 


Awesome Abseiling!

Abseil from the Spinnaker Tower

On Saturday 2 August 2014 - 45 adrenaline junkies threw themselves off of the Spinnaker Tower to raise funds for us! There was a great buzz all day and whilst some folk did look nervous before they did it - they all had massive grins afterwards! Click here for details.

The Trust at 10 Downing Street

Click here to see Adele and Clinton Prince representing the Trust at 10 Downing Street! They spoke to Prime Minister, told him all about the Trust, and ate a few canapés in the process!